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Gordon Edelheit


Our Fearless Leader, Gordon has a wide variety of backgrounds from Demolition Management and Sales, Property Management, Textile Industry, and Army Surplus. His area of expertise in how to market our product is phenomenal. He brings a new spin on how to view our market base. He is willing to take on all sorts of challenges and comes up with ideas on how to overcome them and better ourselves and our business. His ideas keep us on the leading edge of this new adventure.

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Ely Spiegel


Ely has been in the Computer Industry since 1978. Working with Mainframes and migrating to the PC environment and then to the World Wide Web, he codes, customizes, trains newcomers, provides technical support, and offers many different web services. He is our support manager responsible for maintaining the social media accounts, integration with the web, creating the artwork for Photo Kiosks, and administering the client social media connections.